-The ship drifting in space-
„BOOOOOOOOOOORING!“ screamed Niv floating on the bridge. „How could this happen?!“ „Well“, replied ACE, „you were in charge to check the engine.“ „And you were supposed to remind me! So don't blame me you little rust bucket.“ Now the little robot answered with a slightly annoyed voice: „I did.“
„No you didn't“
„Yes, I did.“
„No, you didn't“
„Yes, I did!“
„NO, you didn't!“
ACE stopped bothering to answer and played a voice-log instead:
„Niv, did you check the engine?“ ACE's voice was slightly distorted. „Come on ACE. I am like the smartest thing out here, you really think I would forget something as important as that?“ The recording ended.
„Pffft! That is obviously fake.“ said Niv in a sulky tone. That was an opportunity Guy just couldn't let go to waste:“You may be the smartest but obviously not the most reliable one if it comes to chores“, he said with a grin. „Oh come on! I saved your life you backstabbing..“
Niv was interrupted by a loud noise. It sounded like screeching which resulted in two giant metal objects clashing against each other. With the noise came a pitch black darkness and artificial gravity. With gravity back on, the two humans lost their ability to fly and went right for the hard floor. Thanks to Niv's acrobatic turnaround he landed ungently on his face.

„What the..?“, Niv started while holding his face but was interrupted again when a burst of light lit up the cockpit so he had to cover his eyes. Only ACE was able to apprehend the situation thanks to his robotic eye, which didn't have problems to adjust to the sudden changes of light. „It appears we just got eaten by a huge metal vessel“, he stated. „I also detect several life forms coming closer.“ “Oh my gosh, what now? Space pirates?!”, Niv said annoyed. After a short moment he added, “Space pirates”, with an ever growing grin on his face. “Space pirates”, he repeated slowly, like he wanted to enjoy every little bit of it. “SPACE PIRATES?!”, screamed Guy, with his eyeballs running from one site to another. “YES! Space pirates my friend! It has to be! Finally! Something exciting!”.
“Warning. They are about to breach the ship.”, ACE said excited. Guy looked at him uncomprehendingly and whispered: “What is wrong with you two?”, before he jumped behind a console to take cover. “Get ready”, said ACE to Niv, both still standing  in the middle of the room. “3. 2. 1.”
The door opened.
“Ahoi, mi fellow treasure hunters!”, Niv welcomed the unknown men with his arms spread trying his best to sound like a pirate from the old tales. For a moment everyone just stared at each other not saying a word. “Hello..”, one of the men opened, “we weren't expecting people on this ship.” “Well, surprise then”, Niv continued, “Mi and mi mates were drifting lost at sea.. no space.. space sea! Yea, that's it. Space sea! But we ain't got no booty.” “Why do you speak so strangely?”, another man asked. “Oh, don't bother asking. He's an idiot.”, answered a voice behind a console. “Who's there?”, the first man asked, “show yourself.” “Please don't shoot me!”, Guy crawled slowly into sight. “Why the hell would we do that?” “Because you are Pirates?”, he answered hesitantly. The men looked irritated before they started to giggle. “Pirates?”, one said, “No,no, we are scavengers. Not pirates.” “Of course!”, said Niv, clearly overacting. “Scavengers”, he winked, “We are all scavengers. Just looking for treasures, looting and most importantly, no illegal activities!” “We really are scavengers.” , the shortest of the men replied. Niv looked at him with a way to serious look in His face and said: “Yes. Of course you are fellow righteous citizen.” Now all the men were looking at Niv until the first man took the word again: “Yeah, well, anyway, what happened to you guys? We didn't get any energy readings from your ship, that's why we thought it was abandoned.” “Our engine broke. Someone forgot to check on it before we took off.” ACE answered. “But don't worry”, Niv added, “stop beating yourself up because of it. Everybody makes mistakes, even so I designed you not to, but I will fix the mess you brought us into.” ACE wanted to say something but he knew it wasn't worth the effort so he just sighed. “Maybe we can help you, not for free of course, but for the start we can give you shelter, a place to repair the ship and probably some spare parts if you help us out and pay for the pieces.” “Spoken like a true pir.. scavenger”, Niv replied with a self-righteous smile, “we will gladly join your crew! Niv the space pirate! I like the sound of it! Let's go get us some fine booty!”, he laughed walking out of the ship. Everyone was following him with their look, some shaking their heads. Guy was rolling his eyes and said: “Sorry about him. The breakdown took it's toll on him” “It's OK.”, said the first man understandingly, “how long were you stranded?” “Probably about 2 hours.” “Only two hours, huh? Well, now I feel sorry for you. Anyway, I'm Sam. The big one to my left is Butch and the small one is called Melvin.” “Nice, to meet you”, replied Guy, “I'm Guy, this is A.C.E and the idiot is called Niv.” Sam nodded. “Guy? What kind of name is that?”, Melvin asked. “Well..”, Guy started but was interrupted by Sam: “Don't be impolite. They didn't make fun of your height either. Now get going, we have a lot to do.”

A few days have passed and the three friends didn't have to do much, they mostly had to do small chores, which Niv managed to avoid successfully by wandering off. No one knew where he was or what he was doing, but as long as he wasn't bothering anyone everyone was rather glad they didn't have to deal with him. On the third day Sam spoke through the ship's intern speaker system:” Everyone to the bridge, we got company.” Niv was the last to arrive, clearly out of breath he said: “What is it? Do we have engaged an all out battle with another pirate ship?!” “No,” Sam answered slightly annoyed. “It's a government ship. They want to scan us. They say it is just a routine inspection. And please stop that pirate nonsense. Melvin, did you check the cargo?” “Yes, the jamming signal should be working.” “What's with the cargo?”, Niv asked a little bit alarmed. “None of your business.” “You do have some hidden treasure!”, he got excited. “Stop it Niv, we might get in trouble here.” Guy whispered to him. The look on his face clearly showing that he was afraid that the government might find them but Niv just put him off with a wave of his hand clearly unaffected by the threat. “You might want to tell me what you have to hide. In case the enemy pirates decide to open fire.” “If the jamming signal is working, they have no reason to do so.” “But shouldn't they be done scanning by now?”, Butch asked with his deep voice. “True..”, now Sam was clearly worried. “Melvin, go check the signal again.” He was just about to ran off when the alarm went off. “What's going on?” Guy screamed holding his hands over his ears. “They are targeting us!”, Butch only had to raise his voice a little to drown out the alarm. “Shit! I really checked the jamming signal, Sam! They were working fine right before I came here! I double checked!” “We got no time for that now!”, Niv exulted, “ Prepare the cannons! Get ready for an epic SPACE BATTLE!!!” Now Sam got furious: “ Cut the crap already! We got no cannons! We are a scavenger ship!” “Then be glad that you got me!” Niv jumped to the control console and turned the ship starboard while the government ship opened their fire. “Just.. a.. little.. more..” Something exploded not far from them. A missile managed to penetrate the Shields. “NOW! SHOOOOOOT THE CAAAAAANNON!” “WE DON'T HAVE FUCKING CANNONS!” Sam shouted furious. Niv just laughed and A.C.E, who had connected with the board-computer without anyone noticing, said: “Rescue vessel fired!”
The little vessel went straight to the other ship. “How is that going to help? It will just crash into their shield!” Melvin said with a high pitched voice. “That is why I installed a jammer! It will cancel out the shield. There! It went through! A.C.E start the overload sequence.” “AYE, CAPTAIN!” “Critical damage” the board-computer announced just before the rescue vessel disappeared into nothing leaving a hole in space creating a small space-whirl. The government ship broke under the sudden force and was partly sucked up into the wormhole before it closed as suddenly as it appeared, leaving only a pile of junk floating where the impressive Spaceship used to be. “THAT WAS AWESOME! And look Mr. Scavenger-Pirate-Captain! We finally found us some treasure! I bet there will be tons of booty!”

The scavenger’s ship was slowly getting smaller as the three friends looked out their window, as their ship was kicked out by the scavengers. “Great. Now we are back where we started”, complained Guy. “Why do you always have to be so irresponsible?” “It was kind of fun, though” “Oh shut up, A.C.E! As long as something blows up you always take his side! What do we do now, Niv?” He turned his head to the place where Niv was just floating right beside him but the space was now empty. “Niv? Where the fuck did he go now? A.C.E did you see where..”. Now the robot was also gone and Guy was floating alone in the darkness of the ship surrounded by an even bigger, unending darkness of space. As he looked out the window, wondering if he could make contact with the scavengers, something caught his eyes. A big skull with crossed bones was painted on the back of the vessel, which already created a great distance between them. Now he could do nothing but laugh at Niv’s habit to kick up a breeze.
He was already half asleep when a sudden noise disturbed his weightless peace. It sounded like someone was drilling and welding something to the ship. Giving up to his bad luck he decided to fall back into his drowsy state, hoping that he will fall into a dream without having to worry about anything anymore. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed when the whole bridge lit up and he had to squint his eyes to not go blind. “Wakey wakey!”, he heard Niv’s self-pleasing voice. “What’s going on? Did I die?” “Yes. And as I just made light, where up until now only darkness existed, I am your lawful god. You are now allowed to praise me.” “Great. I am in hell.” “You got a strange way to show your gratitude”, Niv feigned insulted. “How come we’ve got energy again?” “Oh, we just looted the energy core of the government ship and attached it to our ship. As it was planned from the very beginning. I told you I would fix the engine!” Niv was laughing and enjoying himself as he was preparing a jump. “Let’s go!”, he exclaimed as the ship disappeared into the vastness of space.

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